Okay!  Let's talk Juicy Couture fashion!  Juicy Couture has been around since the 1990s.  It was started by two friends who had worked together in the past. They started out as a high fashion brand with all of the Hollywood elite seen in tabloids wearing a Juicy track suit.  

Juicy Couture is a luxury fashion brand known for its iconic tracksuits and glamorous, trend-setting designs. While it initially gained popularity in the early 2000s for its velour tracksuits and playful aesthetic, Juicy Couture has evolved to offer a wide range of high-fashion clothing, accessories, and fragrances.

Here are some aspects that contribute to Juicy Couture's positioning as a high-fashion brand:

Design Aesthetic: Juicy Couture's designs are characterized by a unique blend of casual comfort and luxury. Their collections often feature bold colors, playful patterns, and eye-catching embellishments, reflecting a youthful and energetic spirit.

Quality Materials: High-end fashion brands prioritize the use of premium materials, and Juicy Couture is no exception. They focus on sourcing high-quality fabrics, such as velour, cashmere, silk, and leather, to create luxurious and durable pieces.

Attention to Detail: Juicy Couture pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each garment is crafted with precision. From intricate stitching to carefully placed embellishments, their designs showcase meticulous craftsmanship.

Celebrity Endorsements: Juicy Couture's rise to prominence was fueled, in part, by celebrity endorsements. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez were often spotted wearing their tracksuits, creating a buzz and elevating the brand's status in the fashion industry.

Runway Shows and Fashion Collaborations: Juicy Couture has participated in fashion week events and showcased their collections on runways, which are typically associated with high-fashion brands.


I have purchased several items over the years and found the quality to always be the same:  very, very good!  I recently purchased the



They fit amazing and are so cute!  I love the accent at the bottom.  And, of course, the quality is spot on!


Check out the link here!  https://dawnmcbride.aweb.page/p/2df71b42-a497-4b06-bc38-cea81419f668

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Much love!  Shelly